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Boris)TangledMoonlight on Loch ArdTipPhoto Friday - TackyAre we sure this is necessary?Celebrity life...WeirdoMeet Boris...Run teddy run!Dinner partyStart them young...Captions on a Postcard (please)Poinsettia (the late one)WaitingLonging for the sunagh!Nature's xMas treeBoris's zircon encrusted tightropeSea of FogOur House III  (Three Windows)Our House - IIOur House - IWinter DuskMoonlit Winter TreesTheme Thursday - Round@ HomeDyingCracked Sky - PhotoFriday || PatternsWee ManYum!Macro Mania - Frost or DewHighlands ArtBumpy roadWelcome to Scotland!The Wee MarketDaisyWhat are you laughing at?ComplexitySimplicityChild's PlayConesi-gizmo #26 - DrinkAutumn BurnAlexAutumn FernMacro Mania - Sweets and CandysAutumn is herePhoto Friday - Still LifeWhat do you see?Don't walk in that forest....Halloween countdown #3Halloween countdown #2Halloween countdown #1SymmetryMist over Lochan a GhleannainMoody  Monday - WetPauseLazy Bandit?Oh my! 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