Don't walk in that forest....

model: Canon EOS 20D capture date: Saturday, October 30, 2004 2:41:35 pm EXIF version: 2.2 FlashPix version: 1.0 exposure program: Aperture Priority ISO speed: 100 shutter speed: 1/25 aperture: f3.5 exposure bias: +0.0 metering: Pattern light source: Auto flash: OFF - Compulsory flash mode focal length: 50.0 This is the final chapter of my mini spooky series... So many thanks to the wonderful Daisies and Your Waitress for the inspiration! I am normally not one for staged shots but this is a bit of an exception, not much though... The fox skull was lying in our garden and all I did was place it on a tree... I was brutally undecided about which shot to put up as the 'final chapter' there are three more from the shoot that I REALLY like (this is a first, normally is trying to decide which is least worse.....) So, in the end I opted for posting this one and posting the other three here I especially like the second one with the skull blurred. As always comments are encouraged! Stay spooked and be happy!

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