Forget me not

Well, so here goes it. As I mentioned yesterday we finally had a break from the rain, so I was able to go for a walk in my beloved forest. On the walk around Lochan Spling there is a path going up into the forest that for some reason we had never explored; I did go up there yesterday, and it's a really lovely walk up the hill, with all sorts of mushrooms everywhere, moss, ferns and the lot. When you get to the top of the hill and the walk is about to start to go down again, you come across a small clearing overlooking the loch and the forest beyond it. There is a bench there and there was a bunch of fresh flowers. I got the story from a local shopkeeper: In one of the houses near ours there used to live a happy couple, he (Bill Sherwood) used to walk his beloved spaniels up that very walk. Bill was tragically killed in a car accident, apparently a lorry drove right into him. I was genuinely almost in tears up there, what a lovely way to remember someone, and what a huge void he must have left...

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