Photo Friday / Tranquillity

model: EOS 300D DIGITAL software: C1 SE 3.5.1 (1063) capture date: Saturday, August 14, 2004 8:31:24 pm ISO speed: 100 shutter speed: 1/3 aperture: f29.0 metering: Pattern flash: OFF focal length: 27.0 So, I decided that I really ought to try and take a NEW photo for the Photo Friday weekly challenge as opposed to recycling existing ones. It kind of defeats the purpose otherwise...;-) I set out last night with a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to capture. Ever since I read the new challenge I thought of this lochan. It is an absolutely wonderful spot and to me epitomizes tranquillity. On the way there I got lucky and even saw two deer. While I was busy processing this picture this morning I made the mistake of having a look at what David was up to on Chromasia, mistake, big mistake, when I saw this I almost closed PS and gave up! But hey, practice makes perfect they say. I took quite a few pictures last night and a few have come out ok, so I'll post a couple more of them over the next few days.

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