Capture Date: 2005:03:25 13:01:12 Camera: Canon EOS 20D Exposure Time (sec): 1/60 Aperture: 14.0 Exposure Program: Aperture Priority ISO: 200 Exposure Bias: 0.00 Metering Mode: Average Flash: Flash not fired; Compulsory flash mode Focal Length: 38.00 Lens: Sigma 18-125mm F3.5-5.6 DC RAW Coversion: Phase One - Capture One Pro Ah the feeling of the sea breeze in your face, the open space, the wonderful and dramatic scenery, the sweat as you climb an incredibly steep bloody bit, the concentration as you try not to slip on the thick mud and fall off a VERY high cliff, the sinking feeling when you see a young couple RUN past you as you are crawling on all fours on said steep bit... That's ageing for ya...

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