Capture Date: 2005:01:11 23:28:17 Camera: Canon EOS 20D Exposure Time (sec): 2.5 Aperture: 4.0 Exposure Program: Manual ISO: 100 Exposure Bias: 0.00 Metering Mode: Average Flash: Flash not fired; Compulsory flash mode Focal Length: 100.00 Lens: Canon EF 100mm f2.8 USM Macro RAW Coversion: Phase One - Capture One Pro Processing: minor levels adjustment in Photoshop plus applied 25% Velvia Vision Gosh I am such a night person! I had no photos for today and I was just totally stuck for inspiration the whole day. Finally got moving at about quarter past eleven at night, which doesn't help the trying to post by midnight GMT... Anyways, I am quite pleased with this, it's what I was trying to achieve, so at least I am getting a bit better at controlling the results. I am sure part of the being uninspired the whole day is due to the fact that I am getting REALLY frustrated about this job I'm after. I was supposed to have a decision by the 17th of December and here we are, mid January and I still know bugger all!... Hate it, hate it, hate it! Anyway, enough venting, on a different subject, I'd like to reiterate that comments to the pictures are very much encouraged, whether they are positive or negative! This site was all about trying to get better at photography, and comments really help focus on potential talents.

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