Winter treasures #2

Capture Date: 2005:01:02 11:58:01 Camera: Canon EOS 20D Exposure Time (sec): 1/640 Aperture: 2.8 Exposure Program: Aperture Priority ISO: 200 Exposure Bias: -0.33 Metering Mode: Average Flash: Flash not fired; Compulsory flash mode Focal Length: 50.00 Lens: Canon EF 50mm f1.8 RAW Coversion: Phase One - Capture One Pro This is the second capture from yesterday's mini walk, and probably my favourite. we wanted to go out walking again today but the weather didn't agree with our plan. We have that nasty and drenching fine rain that in Scot is referred to as 'smirr'. Oh well, maybe tomorrow... smir, smirr [smır], smur  (Scot) noun 1- drizzly rain verb (smirs, smirrs, smirring, smirred) [intransitive] 2 - to drizzle lightly [ETYMOLOGY: 19th Century: of uncertain origin; compare Dutch smoor mist]

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