White Christmas

model: Canon EOS 20D software: Adobe Photoshop CS Macintosh capture date: Saturday, December 25, 2004 10:31:18 pm exposure program: Manual ISO speed: 200 shutter speed: 420 sec aperture: f10.0 exposure bias: +0.0 metering: Pattern flash: OFF - Compulsory flash mode focal length: 18.0 We had a fab day today, and it was indeed a white Christmas. This was the first xMas that our son, now almost three, was really aware of what was going on. It was really cool to see him marvel at Santa's footprints near the fireplace and the appreciation he showed for all his presents! The funny thing is that he kind of reached presents saturation point after a bit, so we still have a few for him to open tomorrow!... This shot was taken tonight at 22:30, it's a 7 minute exposure, I am quite happy with it although I regret the fact that there are no stars in the frame, I think the light trails add to the 'nightliness' of this kind of photo. UPDATE - January 29th 2005 I've re-processed this one. I really love this pic but always felt that maybe I didn't do it justice in post processing. I saw the I-Gizmo challenge 'Snow' and thought it was a good time to do something about it. I have now switched to Capture One Pro for raw conversion and wanted to see if that plus what I have learned would help. Boy am I happy with the change! And the crazy thing is that it was ONE mouse click! I just set the correct white point in C1Pro with the eyedropper tool, period.... You can see the original photo here Interested to hear your opinion!

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