Poinsettia (the late one)

model: Canon EOS 20D software: Adobe Photoshop CS Macintosh capture date: Wednesday, December 8, 2004 11:48:20 pm exposure program: Aperture Priority ISO speed: 200 shutter speed: 15 aperture: f32.0 exposure bias: -1.3 metering: Pattern flash: OFF - Compulsory flash mode focal length: 100.0 ...no, it's not dead like the basil, I'm just late posting for the 8th of December... But thanks to technology I can backdate the entry to an hour ago so it will show up on the correct day. Is that cheating? Some would say yes, some would say: get a grip! What the heck's all this photoblog thing about anyway?? So you haven't posted an image on time, so what? So you haven't posted an image AT ALL, so what?. And, honest, I have fairly good canned answers, just can't be bothered typing that much just now...;-) The moral of the story is, never write blog entries when in rotten mood. Anyway, as for the shot, yeah, the late one...;-) I am actually quite pleased with it, I'd been eyeing that plant the whole afternoon, thinking: I'll get ya! And somehow I think I did...

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