Our House - II

model: Canon EOS 20D software: Adobe Photoshop CS Macintosh capture date: Monday, November 29, 2004 4:00:07 pm exposure program: Aperture Priority ISO speed: 100 shutter speed: 1/1 aperture: f5.6 exposure bias: +0.0 metering: Pattern flash: OFF - Compulsory flash mode focal length: 98.0 Here we go again with a controversial one. I really like this one, possibly better than the other two, Ellen finds it a bit bland and not on a par with the other ones. I'll just go with my taste and post it anyway. Would be really interested in your view, is it bland, great, rubbish, boring? We all have different perceptions and tastes and what is great for me might be rubbish for you and vice-versa. There is a saying in Florence, Italy, where I'm from, that states that 'some like to suck on socks, and that's ok'... let this be my sock ;-) So don't hold back, I can take it! The reasons I like it: well, firstly the colors, I find it kind of captures the contrast between the (very!) cold outside and the warm inside. It also manages (IMHO) to almost capture the lovely lines and curves of the hand rail. I also like the out of focus candle holder which, to me, adds interest.... Let me know what you think...

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