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model: Canon EOS 20D software: Adobe Photoshop CS Macintosh capture date: Thursday, November 25, 2004 8:24:37 pm exposure program: Aperture Priority ISO speed: 100 shutter speed: 3 aperture: f2.8 exposure bias: +0.0 metering: Pattern flash: OFF - Compulsory flash mode focal length: 100.0 Do you remember You Spin me Round (Like a Record)? That's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the current TT challenge, 'round'. Weird. Not as weird tho as what Pete Burns the singer from Dead or Alive looks now. Anyway, I'm blethering, I am actually sitting here holding my breath. I am applying for a job I REALLY like the sound of, and am really quite nervous about it. It's unnerving how you have to try and shine on paper and do a really decent job of it in order to get a chance to actually meet the hiring person. I have come to hate CVs, You really have to be brief since the best you can hope for is around one minute attention. This obviously brutally clashes with your need/desire/ambition to go on and on about all the wonderful things you've done!...;-) You also need to bear in mind that the first thing most hiring managers look for in a CV is a good reason to bin it (I know, I was one...!) . Oh, and the time you get to prepare something for a position you REALLY like is generally only a few hours. Agh, keep your fingers crossed for me! Oh, I forgot to say about this shot. It's one of the window handles in our house. They are really lovely and they are all the same throughout. Since we moved here in June last year I've somehow been meaning to take a picture of them, this seemed a good occasion. The picture is not colorised or BW + toned, all I did was to go a bit extreme left on the ole' white balance...

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